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…From Outer Space!

It Came From Outer Space

A good title can do many things, it can draw in the audience or turn them straight off. Everything from The Constant Gardener to Reservoir Dogs to The Science of Sleep all elicit very different responses. A title can a form a mental image in your mind about the film you’re expecting to see. Often a title and accompanying graphics will be enough to grab a passer by and make them watch a trailer or read an article on sites like imdb.

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Ghostbusters 2012?


The will they wont they saga of the supposed Ghostbusters reboot has rumbled on for years now. Speculation has hotted up over 2010 and 2011 with various scripting rumours, cast returns and denials. One thing is obvious, Dan Akroyd really wants to make it happen. What arguably even more blatant is that Bill Murray doesn’t. Most recently it was reported by The National Enquirer that Akroyd has sent a proposed script to Murray, who promptly shredded it and reposted it along with the note “No-one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts.” That would seem like the final nail in the coffin of the Ghostbusters trilogy.

We at the20 however are eternal optimists. It would great to have another outing of New York’s best ghost busting team and we can still hope that it might happen. Looking at it more realistically however; what if they decide to retool the cast for a new era of busting in the best tradition? Who should they chose? Below the20 gives a few suggestions for a new epic team of ghost busting funny men!

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Every movie I saw in 2011 reviewed!


I mentioned yesterday I’d seen around 36 films in 2011… so I decided today I would just go and review every single one of them! Below you’ll find a list of everything I saw in the cinema, a mark out of five and a one line review. If there is anything there you’d like me to write about in more depth then just leave a comment and I’ll earmark it for a future article :)

So here goes…

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My films of 2011

Attack the Block

I saw a around 35 movies in 2011 so trying to think which was my favourite hasn’t been an entirely simple affair. It was the year of the sequel with the greatest number of sequels ever released in a calender year (28 if you were wondering). Out of my 35 I’ve worked out that at least 11 were a sequel, prequel or remake/reboot, which is a fair chunk. There were a number of good fresh films in there though as well as ones that are sure to spark sequels of their own; so what was my favourite? While I’d like to give honourable mentions to Hugo, Crazy Stupid LoveX-Men: First Class and Super 8, I’ve picked out two for the year that stood out the most for me. I should say they are not necessarily the best two films of 2011, but certainly the two I enjoyed the most :)

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What to watch in 2012?


With 2012 having been rung in what films will there be to look forward to in the next twelve months? We didn’t have a great film year in 2011 but the new year is shaping up to be a little more interesting with a number of eye opening prospects on the horizon. So without further ado here is the20’s run down on some of the films to look forward to in 2012 (in no particular order).

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Ass Kicked!

Hi, just thought it was worth a brief mention what I thought of Kick Ass also. It is definitely one of the big film talking points right now, mainly about how awesome it is! Although I do not revere it as Doug does, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! The hugely popular and highly original comic book creation of Mark Miller, is far from your average superhero comic book. Gone are the things like spidey senses, kryptonite, tights etc; in are ‘normal’ people with a penchant for comic books, bad costumes and crime fighting. I say ‘normal’, I mean people without super powers; however to you and me they’re anything but! Kick Ass is the journey of a high school kid who is crazy enough to see what would happen to someone who donned a silly outfit and fought crime for the good of his fellow man. During this time he gets his ass…well… kicked, learns a lot about the world around him  and meets other heroes on a similar quest. Now I’m no comic buff (You can probably guess already as I call them comics instead of using the wonderfully pedantic phrase ‘graphic novel’) and never read it but Matthew Vaughn seems to have effectively communicated all the great ideas from the comic book and has created by far the best superhero movie I have seen in a long while!

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Trailer Overview

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World has been anticipated by many since it was announced that Edgar Wright, director of cop caper Hot Fuzz, demon drollery Shaun of the Dead and small screen sitcom Spaced was taking the reigns. Scott Pilgrim was originally a comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley, focusing around a slacker teenager (here played by, surprise surprise Michael Cera) who falls in love with a delivery girl called Ramona Flowers (played above by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, life never being easy, in order to date Ramona, Scott will have to take on her seven evil ex’s… and these ain’t no ordinary group of former lovers. With the first trailer released the20 licks their lips and dives in to see if once again, Edgar can be our movie Mr Wright.

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