Ghostbusters 2012?


The will they wont they saga of the supposed Ghostbusters reboot has rumbled on for years now. Speculation has hotted up over 2010 and 2011 with various scripting rumours, cast returns and denials. One thing is obvious, Dan Akroyd really wants to make it happen. What arguably even more blatant is that Bill Murray doesn’t. Most recently it was reported by The National Enquirer that Akroyd has sent a proposed script to Murray, who promptly shredded it and reposted it along with the note “No-one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts.” That would seem like the final nail in the coffin of the Ghostbusters trilogy.

We at the20 however are eternal optimists. It would great to have another outing of New York’s best ghost busting team and we can still hope that it might happen. Looking at it more realistically however; what if they decide to retool the cast for a new era of busting in the best tradition? Who should they chose? Below the20 gives a few suggestions for a new epic team of ghost busting funny men!

Dr. Raymond Stantz (originally Dan Akroyd)

Jason Segel

Jason Segel has everything needed to be Ray, nice guy looks, little goofy, lovable and most of all charmingly funny. Having being playing Marshall in TV hit How I Met Your Mother for 7 seasons he’s complimented this with acting and writing roles in various Apatow movies as well as his own creation Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Don’t like that idea? Then how about…

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg has shown us in both Star Trek and Paul that he knows how to deal with aliens and this added to his battles with zombies in Shaun of the Dead prove he has the credentials to move up to ghostbusting. Again he has the nice guy angle sewn up so it would just be a matter of working on that accent and he’s surely a top choice.

Dr. Egon Spengler (originally Harold Ramis)

Jermaine Clement

Another one who’d need to work on his accent but Jermaine Clement’s comedy timing we already know to be spot on. He’s got the look sorted with the black hair just begging to be swept up and he’ll have no problems at all pulling off a serious face as he looks over his glasses to say “Don’t cross the streams”.

Don’t like that idea? How about…

Benedict Cumberbatch

Having been just cast as the baddie in the new Star Trek movie Benedict Cumberbatch could now be on his was to movie super-stardom. What better way to follow that up than taking on the iconic Egon? He’ll need to work on his comedic delivery but as he’s shown in Sherlock he’ll be able to deal with being a socially awkward genius without any trouble.

Winston Zeddemore (originally Ernie Hudson)

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle has been seen in sci-fi already playing Iron Man’s best bud War Machine and can handle comedy after his turn in Boogie Nights. A talented actor with a good set of work under his belt he has the talent as well as a natural charisma to pull off some of the classic lines Zeddomore got in the original movie.

Don’t like that idea? How about…


Jessie L Martin is probably best known in the UK for his stint as Detective Ed Green in Law & Order and it’s that role that make us think he could be a great Zeddemore. He showed in that series he can pull off being a strong character with that brand of kindness to his face that you know means he’ll find the ghostbusting hard going, but not so much so he wont be able to end the movie with his classic closing line “I love this town”.

Dr. Peter Venkman (originally Bill Murray)

Bill Murray

There really is no comparison is there? While we love Ray and Egon makes us giggle the beating heart of Ghostbusters comes from Murray and a Ghostbusters movie without him would be a difficult thing to stomach. He has sound reasons for not wanting to return but if somehow Akroyd can come up with a script that pleases Mr Murray then we’ll be down to that cinema faster than you can say “Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve.”

But if we can’t have our way then…

Robert Downey Jr

The closest we have to Murray’s irreverent put down cheeky chappie downbeats has to be Robert Downey Jr. He’s a big enough star to take up the mantel and has acting chops to spar. With excellent turns in Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Sherlock Holmes there are few actors out there capable of taking on such a role and succeeding, we think he could be one of them.

The “Dana Barrett” Character (originally Sigourney Weaver)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ignoring the obvious age difference between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and RDJ she would be a great pick for the ‘Dana’ type role. She’s definitely classy enough to be a orchestra star and doesn’t look entirely different to a young Sigourney Weaver. We can certainly imagine her dressed as Zuul the Gatekeeper floating 4 feet above her covers…

Don’t like that idea? Then how about…

Anna Kendrick

While another younger choice Anna Kendrick showed in her role alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air that she can easily handle herself beside an older man. Her turn as Scott Pilgrim’s sister showed she’d not slow with a put down or quip (essential when dealing with an enamoured Dr Venkman) and most recently in 50/50 she showed a softer side slowly developing into a relationship without someone she thinks she shouldn’t be. Perfect.

Louis Tully

The slightly befuddled accountant was a key comedy role in Ghostbusters originally played by 80s legend Rick Moranis that we could see going to either Zach Galifianakis or Jim Parsons. Galifianakis showed his bumbling characteristics in The Hangover so toning down the drunken madness would leave him in a nice place to play Louis.

Jim Parsons

As for Parsons he’s obviously famous for his amazing role as Dr Sheldon Cooper in TV’s The Big Bang Theory and while we considered him for Egon we think he could bring an excellent comedic charm to the role of Louis. Plus it would be great to see him on the big screen as a potential scene stealer.

Janine Melnitz

No Ghostbusters movie would be complete without weary secretary Janine. Hilariously done originally by Annie Potts the role is a small one but none the less key to the team as well as being a possible love interest for Louis. We thought we’d go for two leftfield choices here with Emma Watson and Amy Pietz. Some might remember Pietz from American sitcom Caroline in the City, though she has been on mainstream TV recently with a part in The Office (US). She would be a good choice to recapture a little of the original style Janine.

Emma Watson

More out there is Emma Watson, of course known as Hermione from Harry Potter. The Brit actress needs some roles to get her teeth sunk into so she can move on form the Potter universe and a small role she can make her own in Ghostbusters might let her flex her muscles a little before plunging straight into another large leading lady role.

So there we have it, a madcap list of potentials that may or may not actually work together. Who do you think would take to make bustin’ feel good for you? Do you have a whole team in mind or just a specific role? Let us know in the comments below!

See you tomorrow,



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