Every movie I saw in 2011 reviewed!


I mentioned yesterday I’d seen around 36 films in 2011… so I decided today I would just go and review every single one of them! Below you’ll find a list of everything I saw in the cinema, a mark out of five and a one line review. If there is anything there you’d like me to write about in more depth then just leave a comment and I’ll earmark it for a future article :)

So here goes…

The Green Hornet3/5 – Not funny enough enough of the time.
The Adjustment Bureau3/5 – A nice idea and decently done but ultimately lacking edge.
Rango3/5 – Fun and entertaining but a little bit weird, but then again it does star Johnny Depp so no surprise there!
Limitless3/5 – Enjoyable Saturday night movie but it’s limits are all too obvious.
Paul3/5 – Fun and exciting x-rated E.T romp, but a little too easy to call.
Sucker Punch3/5 – Nice too look at and has some great action but shallow and lacking in story.
Hobo with a Shotgun3/5 – Great gory fun but a highly offensive acquired taste.
Source Code4/5 – Excellent story well portrayed, delve into the mind of the dead.
Super3/5 – Fun with a great turn by Rainn Wilson but violently over the top. Wins catch phrase of the year, “Shut up crime!”.
Scream 43/5 – Has it’s moments but is much of the same. What’s your favourite scary movie? Probably not Scream 4.
Fast Five3/5 – Nice cars, better that the third and fourth but ruined by a ridiculous action ending.
Thor3/5 – Strong action, decent lead and fun for all. Ignoring the camp of Asgard, while on Earth if you like super heroes you’ll probably like Thor.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides3/5 – The idea’s wearing thin, even with Johnny Depp & Keith Richards.
The Hangover Part II3/5 – Too much de ja vous in what would have been an otherwise funny feature.
X-Men: First Class4/5 – Rebooted and suited for one last stand.
Super 84/5 – A touching story and excellent acting, Spielberg himself would have been proud.
Green Lantern3/5 – Too much shine and not enough heart. Ryan Reynolds usual charms spills into being a bit of a dick.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon3/5 – Too much T&A and whiney leads, not enough epic robots battling for Cybertron.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 3/5 – Fitting end to a blockbuster encounter, the boy who survived shall live on.
Captain America: The First Avenger3/5 – Plenty buff to build on, the first avenger ensures he wont be the last.
Friends With Benefits3/5 – Fun and flirty Timberlake and Kunis have plenty of chemistry but a bit to much smarm.
Crazy, Stupid, Love4/5 – Well acted and smartly written, deeper than it looks with neat nice touches throughout.
Attack the Block5/5 – Excellently acted and well directed. A gripping action/comedy from the heart of the UK.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes4/5 – He just did what!? Ape-escape with action & soul and some amazing CGI monkey madness.
Final Destination 53/5 – More of the same. Splat. Laugh. Forget.
The Lion King: 3D5/5 – Majestic and touching, be prepared to fall in love with it all over again.
Burke and Hare3/5 – Fun enough fare with a dose of red hair and Isla Fisher is nice to look at.
50/505/5 – A heartfelt and funny mirror for real life, cancer may kill but here bring much life.
The Ides of March4/5 – As Paul Giamatti’s characters says to Ryan Goslings, “You exude something. You draw people in.” Pretty much says it all.
Real Steel3/5 – Big robots throw big punches which hit about 50% of the time. If Rocky had been a robot he’d have been in this movie.
The Thing (2011)3/5 – Tries to shape-shift it’s way to being the Carpenter version, but fails the blood test.
In Time3/5 – A good idea buried under shallow action and a lack of critical bite. A case of not enough too young?
Tower Heist3/5 – Funny but formulaic criminal caper, no surprises but a couple of laughs. Nice to see Eddie Murphy again.
Happy Feet Two3/5 – Cute and fuffy feet tapping affair, similar to the first but improves on it just enough. Plus they are just so cute so they are.
Hugo4/5 – Beautifully shot and nicely acted, something for little & big kids alike. A magical love letter to cinema from Martin Scorsese.
The Future3/5 – Quirky, kooky, astounding, dreamy, confused… there’s many words that could label The Future. Whether it’s bright or not will likely depend on how much twee kitty foot shots you can handle.

So that’s that, a year of films distilled into one page! Hope something has caught your eye and enticed you to indulge in a DVD one cold winters night.

See you tomorrow,



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5 responses to “Every movie I saw in 2011 reviewed!”

  1. Midgetron says :

    Interesting you scored most films 3/5, raises an interesting question; are films becoming more average?

    • the20 says :

      I think there is probably a bit of truth in that. Studios are less inclined to take risks as it might dent their profit margin which in today’s society isn’t something they want to risk. Why make an edgy indie film about mental illness when you could make a nice blockbuster about huge alien robots battling it out?

      The other factors are I’m a little easily please so there are films in that list that probably deserve lower scores. My first draft scored Sucker Punch, In Time and The Thing with 2/5 but I re-scored them during updates feeling I was being harsh when maybe I wasn’t. I enjoy film too much to be overly harsh I think.

      The last thing is that I don’t go to see things that I think are going to be complete rubbish, it has to have at least something going for it :P Our own natural selection is going to shield us from seeing most of the things we aren’t going to like. For example other films in 2011 such as Twilight, The Smurfs and Glee I’d have probably scored lower had I seen them, but as they didn’t appeal to me in the slightest they were dodged.

  2. Ewan McNulty (@HippieDalek) says :

    Did you see Tintin? If not then it’s certainly worth checking out, 2nd best film of the year for me. There will definitely be sequels and I think the series will carry on the spirit of the Indiana Jones franchise.

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