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Toy Story 3/ Day and Night

Bring out the Kleenex! Everybody’s favourite toys have now ended their 15 year journey with the final instalment in the Toy Story series… in 3D!! It was obvious after Up that Pixar were on a winning streak and twinned with the already successful Toy Story formula they could do no wrong; and they haven’t. Despite it being the dreaded second sequel, which is usually a bad game of Russian roulette for some franchises, Pixar has maintained the same quality in this instalment that gifted instant success to the previous two films. Toy Story 3 is an emotional and exciting final journey for Woody, Buzz and the gang which sees Andy, their very long time owner, finally grows up and has to make a decision about the fate of his beloved friends.

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Inception (12A)

Christopher Nolan’s inspired sci-fi epic Inception has finally hit our screens like a speeding, flaming juggernaut of metaphysical and mind-bending wonder. The amount of hype has been a little overbearing and people had made their minds up about the film months before its release. It was in major danger of being something of a let-down after apocalyptic levels of hype. Now, I don’t usually judge upcoming films by trailers or adverts but even from reading the previews, watching the dim-witted advert/trailers on the TV it was obvious that Inception was going to be something quite special; and it is. Inception is written, directed and produced by Christopher Nolan whose previous notable efforts include The Prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight; none of which exactly set the world on fire but are competent action thrillers nonetheless. Nolan pulls out all the stops on this one though and has achieved an ambitious aim with this new feature that by far surpasses his previous work. Deriving influence from an eclectic range which includes the Wachowski Bros, Film Noir and Philip K Dick, Inception covers a lot of ground in existentialist theory, features some mind-blowing effects and really tests the characters, and the viewer’s, perception of reality. Also, it’s a bloody good excuse to watch people beat the crap out of each other…in mid air…while upside down.

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