Matrix Revelations!

Fresh off the bat after forging ahead with Predator reboot Predators, Fox have announced they plan to remake 1985’s all out action feast Commando. Starring action king Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of retired special-forces man John Matrix, Arnie was doing his muscle bound best to banish, behead, beat up and blow up a cavalcade of bad guys in pursuit of an old enemy who had kidnapped his daughter. Featuring everything that made 80’s action what it this, some fail to see how the apparent “real-world spin” Fox plan to take the new film in will work.

Script writing and directing duties have been handed to Harsh Times overseer David Ayer , with production by Erwin Stoff (The Matrix) and John Davis (Alien vs Predator: Requiem). Whilst there are no real details at present Ayer has said they will be looking to modernise the action, toning down the OTT muscle antics in favour of something more suited to the modern post 9/11 era. I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds akin to saying you’re going to make Macaroni & Cheese whilst trying to rein in the cheese?

So can the original testosterone filled action explosion be tamed into a modern smart action thriller or are Fox on a one way street to one liner free remake mess a la Planet of the Apes? As far as I’m concerned Commando was one of the many reasons (besides my birth of course ;) to look back fondly on 1985 as a good year… so tread carefully Fox, ’cause I like it that way!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


4 responses to “Matrix Revelations!”

  1. Ewan says :

    No matter what they do they will never beat the ‘Let of some steam’ moment from the original.

    • the20 says :

      Indeed, you remember well good sir! I also like when he tells the guy he’ll kill him last… then tells him he was lying jut before dropping him off a cliff!! hehe No one but Arnie can pull that off ;)

      • Ewan says :

        It just can’t be done outside of the 80s. How can they make it ultra realistic? He throws a pipe through someone’s chest for fluffs sake!

  2. littlewrenpottery says :

    Man thats so disappointing, I really hate all these remakes you know we grew up with a lot of these films they’re still good.

    Stop remaking films because you can’t pluck a decent idea out your own head!

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