Clash of the Titans – 3D (vlog)

2 out of 5

Hey, it’s our first ever video review! Hope you guys like it? Let us know in the comments what you think and if we should do more of them. What did you think of the film, agree or disagree with us? Then leave your comment or video response on YouTube and if we like it we may feature it on the blog itself :)



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5 responses to “Clash of the Titans – 3D (vlog)”

  1. Midge says :

    Hey Doug, I actually prefer the text reviews. Since I found this a bit difficult to follow if you haven’t seen the film.

    Will be interesting to see how these develop though.

  2. Ewan says :

    Think I’ll stick to the Harryhousen version, sounds far superior.

    As for the vblog idea, I thought it was alright though could maybe be better if you talked slower and it/was/less/jump/cutty/. Maybe outline the basic premise of the film at the beginning too.

    Other than that great, I loved the clips interwoven throughout the review and it was quite amusing. Look forward to seeing how they develop.

  3. the20 says :

    Yeah, I edited it pretty quickly, but hopefully in time my instincts will improve with that.

    The speak quick/confusion parts I think are mainly because I was ranting :P I reckon it would be better if I’d thought the film was good!

    In future I want to weave clips in more often, but the trailer for this one is all action and didn’t lend itself so well!

    I will be posting a written review to compliment this one. So peeps can read that if they prefer :)

  4. AliB says :

    Wow! What a tirade!! You’ve learned from the master…

    I agree with Ewan, a brief outline of the plot at the start would have been good, but otherwise quite amusing.

    3-D has been quite a disappointment though, hasn’t it? Didn’t really work with Alice in Wonderland, and was only really done properly with Avatar. Coraline was ok too. Think it needs “cartoony” colours and graphics to work properly. Unfortunately, it just seems to be distracting people from making films properly, and instead sees them resorting to endless panoramas, chases and things gratuitously lunging at you when they would not have before.

    3-d should compliment the story and aid the storytelling, and not be there purely for its own sake- the means to an end and not an end in itself.

    That’s my rant over now too! Feels good to get that off my chest… :P

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