Ass Kicked!

Hi, just thought it was worth a brief mention what I thought of Kick Ass also. It is definitely one of the big film talking points right now, mainly about how awesome it is! Although I do not revere it as Doug does, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! The hugely popular and highly original comic book creation of Mark Miller, is far from your average superhero comic book. Gone are the things like spidey senses, kryptonite, tights etc; in are ‘normal’ people with a penchant for comic books, bad costumes and crime fighting. I say ‘normal’, I mean people without super powers; however to you and me they’re anything but! Kick Ass is the journey of a high school kid who is crazy enough to see what would happen to someone who donned a silly outfit and fought crime for the good of his fellow man. During this time he gets his ass…well… kicked, learns a lot about the world around him  and meets other heroes on a similar quest. Now I’m no comic buff (You can probably guess already as I call them comics instead of using the wonderfully pedantic phrase ‘graphic novel’) and never read it but Matthew Vaughn seems to have effectively communicated all the great ideas from the comic book and has created by far the best superhero movie I have seen in a long while!

It’s a brilliantly simple but hilarious tale that just clicks with seemingly no effort. The characters, the story and the action gel brilliantly unlike many a superhero movie such as Dark Knight and the new Superman which both seemed either a bit clunky or disjointed. This is all you really want from a film like this and it is a great testament to Miller’s groundbreaking ideas. I have a great respect for Miller now and I am genuinely keen to follow it up now and see what its comic form has in store. Kick Ass has become a rare instant success in the comic and film world. The rights to a film adaption were in place even before the first issue was released! Its meteoric rise to acclaim was such that it seemed like a daunting prospect for director Matthew Vaughn as he needed  to deliver a film that lived up to the hype, and then some! Well I can safely say that the film more than lives up to its namesake.

There are many good points about this film but two that spring out are the action sequences and the lead characters. Firstly the action and the cinematography involved are just astounding. I am just about as impressed than when I was a nipper and first saw The Matrix! It’s fast, brutal and brilliantly presented. One scene stands in my mind, it involves flashing lights… I won’t give anything away, but it is just staggering. The characters are all great but in my opinion Nick Cage is the show stealer for much of the film and it is easily his best performance since Raising Arizona. He and his daughter ‘Hit Girl’ are the unstoppable duo and the chemistry between them is both touching and goddamn crazy. Kick Ass himself is Peter Parker, only with a personality and he does well in his own right.

It naturally inherits a slight naivety and at times reeks of self-importance but I feel the sheer boldness and ambition behind it earns the film the respect it deserves. This film will appeal to just about anybody and I stress that you go and see it in the cinema now; not because it’s a masterpiece or anything like that but because it’s great fun and it’s something completely different to anything you’ve seen before. Even if you’re not a fan of Spiderguy, The Green Lamp or Captain Canada you’ll still enjoy the film, despite the fact it preaches the gospel of Marvel it doesn’t alienate those who are less acquainted with the comic book hero genre. I can safely say, hand on heart, I did not regret paying £6.50 to see this movie…and I don’t say that lightly. For more details read Doug’s review as he has a lot more to say about it (and he finished his review on time, *cough cough*)



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