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Matrix Revelations!

Fresh off the bat after forging ahead with Predator reboot Predators, Fox have announced they plan to remake 1985’s all out action feast Commando. Starring action king Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of retired special-forces man John Matrix, Arnie was doing his muscle bound best to banish, behead, beat up and blow up a cavalcade of bad guys in pursuit of an old enemy who had kidnapped his daughter. Featuring everything that made 80’s action what it this, some fail to see how the apparent “real-world spin” Fox plan to take the new film in will work.

Script writing and directing duties have been handed to Harsh Times overseer David Ayer , with production by Erwin Stoff (The Matrix) and John Davis (Alien vs Predator: Requiem). Whilst there are no real details at present Ayer has said they will be looking to modernise the action, toning down the OTT muscle antics in favour of something more suited to the modern post 9/11 era. I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds akin to saying you’re going to make Macaroni & Cheese whilst trying to rein in the cheese?

So can the original testosterone filled action explosion be tamed into a modern smart action thriller or are Fox on a one way street to one liner free remake mess a la Planet of the Apes? As far as I’m concerned Commando was one of the many reasons (besides my birth of course ;) to look back fondly on 1985 as a good year… so tread carefully Fox, ’cause I like it that way!

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (18)

Part one of Stieg Larsson’s famous Millennium trilogy has been vividly brought to life with all of the hard-hitting, emotional but ultimately rewarding attributes that characterise the novels. It is a faithful portrayal of Larsson’s famous novel, features a strong cast and boasts a tense and mostly gripping plot. It is an interesting combination of the slick Hollywood crime drama mixed with edgy Scandinavian film influences. It retains much of the explicit, sadistic sexual violence and the spiralling emotional turmoil suffered by the title character and new feminist icon Lisbeth Salander. Despite this it remains a largely life affirming story however has a tendency to veer into Hollywood territory.

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Clash of the Titans – 3D (vlog)

2 out of 5

Hey, it’s our first ever video review! Hope you guys like it? Let us know in the comments what you think and if we should do more of them. What did you think of the film, agree or disagree with us? Then leave your comment or video response on YouTube and if we like it we may feature it on the blog itself :)


The A Team // The Expendables – New Trailers

New trailers have been released for two of this summers biggest hyped action movies, The A Team and The Expendables! Both trailers bring out a little more from each movie and are really ramping up both the action and character development. These two look awesome!

Everyone should know The A Team from the iconic 80’s TV show, but just in case, it follows the story of a team of elite commando’s who are framed from a crime the didn’t commit. The swiftly break out of their maximum security prison and go on the run from the Army who are desperate to track them down. Cue madness, action, comedy and more! There are some great action sequences in the trailer, especially near the end involving a rocket launcher, helicopter and a parachute. It also includes a great gag referencing original B.A Baracas, Mr T. I urge you to check this out.

Trailer two is for Sly Stallone action epic The Expendables. This film, although admittedly has the potential to be terrible, is an action fans wet dream. Written and Directed by Sly himself (who of course is responsible for not only the Rocky series, but Rambo as well) has put together a script that seems to have all his hallmarks. Pounding action sequences, a little bit of heart and the cheesy one liners we all secretly love. Where he has really outdone himself however, is putting together the cast. There’s Stallone himself,
Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago in Rocky 4), former WWE star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, UFC Champion Randy Couture, former AFL Linebacker & Everybody Hate Chris star Terry Crews, Eric Roberts (Salvatore Maroni in The Dark Knight), Bruce Willis AND Arnold Schwarzenegger. If that doesn’t leave you out of breath then…


Ass Kicked!

Hi, just thought it was worth a brief mention what I thought of Kick Ass also. It is definitely one of the big film talking points right now, mainly about how awesome it is! Although I do not revere it as Doug does, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! The hugely popular and highly original comic book creation of Mark Miller, is far from your average superhero comic book. Gone are the things like spidey senses, kryptonite, tights etc; in are ‘normal’ people with a penchant for comic books, bad costumes and crime fighting. I say ‘normal’, I mean people without super powers; however to you and me they’re anything but! Kick Ass is the journey of a high school kid who is crazy enough to see what would happen to someone who donned a silly outfit and fought crime for the good of his fellow man. During this time he gets his ass…well… kicked, learns a lot about the world around him  and meets other heroes on a similar quest. Now I’m no comic buff (You can probably guess already as I call them comics instead of using the wonderfully pedantic phrase ‘graphic novel’) and never read it but Matthew Vaughn seems to have effectively communicated all the great ideas from the comic book and has created by far the best superhero movie I have seen in a long while!

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Kick Ass (15)

Kick Ass's Hit Girl

Every so often a film comes along that changes a genre, does something to subvert or improve the tried and tested. It needn’t be world class and it needn’t be flawless just directed or acted in such a way that the world call out “Bollocks, why didn’t I think of that”. This is such a movie. The comic book genre will never be the same again.

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