Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Trailer Overview

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World has been anticipated by many since it was announced that Edgar Wright, director of cop caper Hot Fuzz, demon drollery Shaun of the Dead and small screen sitcom Spaced was taking the reigns. Scott Pilgrim was originally a comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley, focusing around a slacker teenager (here played by, surprise surprise Michael Cera) who falls in love with a delivery girl called Ramona Flowers (played above by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, life never being easy, in order to date Ramona, Scott will have to take on her seven evil ex’s… and these ain’t no ordinary group of former lovers. With the first trailer released the20 licks their lips and dives in to see if once again, Edgar can be our movie Mr Wright.

Scott & Ramona

‘And our eyes met across a crowded room” here seems to be substituted by “I stared at her stupidly making her uncomfortable”. Our two lead roles are held by two very capable characters. Winstead can obviously pull of sexy and has shown her action chops in Deathproof so if required will have no problem pulling off any rough stuff. We all know by now that Cera is the go to guy right now for the slightly gormless, geeky but loveable weakling, but showed a little harder edge in Youth In Revolt and seems to be carrying that on here.

Holding Hands

It would seem Ramona goes for gormless though as we see our happy couple getting together. Before Ramona tells his abut her difficult past of course.

Scott Gets Punched

The comic book source has clearly been taken to heart as throughout the trailer we are treated to Batman style sound displays which fill me with nostalgic glee. Anyone who’s seen the original Adam West Batman movie knows how hilarious that is and if you haven’t I urge you to check it out!


The playfulness of the sounds is really going to give the movie some character. Hopefully it’ll be done well though as these types of things can often carry a film into ridiculousness (see Speed Racer). Little nods and pop culture references are things Wright could do in his sleep however so I’ve every confidence they will be delivered bang on just like throughout Spaced.

Evil Ex's

The aforementioned evil ex’s as spearheaded by Chris Evans in the middle. Each one looks suitably cartoonish and wild and are sure to put Cera through his paces. Could his character fade into the background with all these colourful loud personalities? A good test for Cera’s acting.

Scott Finally Gets It

Little cut aways like this promise that we’ll be kept up with Scott’s own thoughts in inventive ways as well. Here’s hoping the choices are well thought out and put in without ruining the flow of the action and story.





We’re treated to a fine selection of snippets involving Scott and his various battles that wet the appetite for the gamer style one on ones. The obvious ‘Street Fighter/Tekken’ style video game shot and the game narrator “KO” shouted shows the fun way that they have implemented the style. Take note makers of the Doom movie conversion.

You can also see a little more of the evil ex’s. I assume number there is the one with the guitar and smoking eyes, a rather brooding chap indeed. The final picture shows a Star War-esque fencing battle, but who needs light sabres when you have a flaming sword! Indeed.

Epic Fighting

And it’s not all on the floor versus stuff. As this shot shows there is some fairly epic pwnage afoot in Scott Pilgrim! I don’t know who’s going to land this blow, but his teeth will be rattling like a crap chef on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares that’s for sure.

So, cartoony gamey awesomeness or tacky epic fail? We wont know until the film’s released but this has definitely got me excited. Although the film could really go either way on the strength of this trailer I have faith in the strong cast and top notch director. If everything slots into place this could very very easily be the funnest film of 2010 and give Kick Ass a run for it’s money as superhero movie of the year!


This got you interested? Watch the trailer at Apple.


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