Films 2010 – Attack of the 80s!!!

2010 sounds almost exactly like last year – some rehashes, yet more remakes, sequels and Twilight… whoop de-doo. Hollywood seems to be doing its bit for the environment by recycling all of its old junk; and it looks like they are really scooping deep into the trash this year. Hence some curious 80’s TV shows and films are gracing our screens once more with a flash new cast and budgets a hundred times the size of their predecessors entire takings. The culprits to look out for are the A-Team, Clash of the Titans, The Karate Kid, Nightmare On Elm Street and even Red Dawn; this time with China invading America instead of Russia! Has Hollywood reverted back to cold war propaganda tactics to bring in audiences? Some of the inevitable sequels on offer are also littered with 80s heritage; most notably Wall Street 2, Predators, Tron Legacy and what seems like the 45th Highlander movie! Okay, I’m being harsh but these films were made for a certain generation and really should have stayed there; some will probably end up being great but you just have to ask, why?? 2010 has little in the way of fresh offerings with other sequels including Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Shrek 4, Narnia and yet another brain-damaging Twilight outing. 2010 is in real danger of marking itself out as the bottle bin year for cinema in the new decade. However has some potentially great films that I am really looking forward to, some on the list above and otherwise. Here are my potentially good picks of 2010.


Alice in Wonderland

This is one that will either fly or flop; the hype has been near Avatar levels for Tim Burton’s version of the popular classic tale. With Johnny Depp and Mrs Burton back in the mix and insane levels of CGI it’s going to be typically gothic, sublime and strange adventure. Some of the shots are already looking very creepy (Particularly Johnny Depp) which is business as usual for Burton. Hopefully the hype will not kill the enjoyment of the film and it will be a good addition to Burton’s collection.

Toy Story 3

Speaks for itself really, let’s just hope it survives the curse of the three-quel and is just as entertaining as the last two.


This trailer is enough justification on its own to go and see this film. This superhero spoof looks to be a lot more than just…you know… another spoof. Dave is your average High School kid with an obsession for comic books, but one day decides to become a real-life superhero and fight crime without any super powers whatsoever. Based on the comic book by Mark Millar we see Dave, or Kick Ass, fighting crime on the streets with his equally comic book obsessed mates. This looks to be a real winner in 2010, we’ll see after its release in April.

The Expendables

Ol’ Sly has broken his 140yr old neck in the making of this film but it hasn’t stopped him make potentially the most cheesy, ridiculous, action packed, man-power movie ever! The very multi-layered and intricate plot follows Sly and a hoard of action hero stars including Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke et al, who are recruited to kill a corrupt dictator… yeah! With promise of big guns, epic hand-to-hand combat and snappy one-liners that qualifies it as something to either really look forward to or reel away in disgust! Either way it will no doubt be hilarious! There’s only one thing this film is missing though, Chuck Norris…shame.

The Wolfman

The Joe Johnson delayed gothic horror remake is finally hitting our cinemas in February with Benicio Del Toro playing the howling man/ beast. It is seemingly set back in familiar 1880s territory where the original story was based. Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro) returns home to reunite with his family after his brother mysteriously disappears. A spate of gruesome murders occur with rumours of a bloodthirsty wolf mean trouble is a-brewing in the sleepy hamlet of Blackmoore. Hugo Weaving also stars as Aberline, the well known Scotland Yard inspector who has come to investigate. Sounds very serious and grim etc etc but Gene Simmons voices the beast! Awesome!


Robert Rodriguez has taken on the challenge of re-invigorating the popular, classic 80s action franchise. This should be a great film but only if he obeys the golden rule when making any Alien or Predator film… wipe all memory of that Aliens VS Predator kerfuffle of a franchise! That last attempt to resurrect the happily resting Alien and Predator films was an utter disaster and nearly crippled the good name of Ellen Ripley altogether! Thankfully with Tarantino’s best mate at the helm and a curious choice in lead actor (Adrian Brody) we will see a decent reinvention of the mutilated franchise. Also, a possible cameo from Arnie (Who starred in the original) is yet another reason to suggest it could good. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into Terminator: Salvation.

The Road

Cormac McCarthy’s grim, apocalyptic novel has been brought to life by John Hillcoat and has apparently not let up on the disturbing themes contained in the novel. It follows the story of a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic America against gangsters, cannibals and the elements. The Road sounds like it pegs even Roland Emmerich’s appetite for mankind’s destruction but should be a very interesting film nonetheless. As long as it’s no 2012 I’m sure this will be another sure success of 2010.


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