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Films 2010 – Attack of the 80s!!!

2010 sounds almost exactly like last year – some rehashes, yet more remakes, sequels and Twilight… whoop de-doo. Hollywood seems to be doing its bit for the environment by recycling all of its old junk; and it looks like they are really scooping deep into the trash this year. Hence some curious 80’s TV shows and films are gracing our screens once more with a flash new cast and budgets a hundred times the size of their predecessors entire takings. The culprits to look out for are the A-Team, Clash of the Titans, The Karate Kid, Nightmare On Elm Street and even Red Dawn; this time with China invading America instead of Russia! Has Hollywood reverted back to cold war propaganda tactics to bring in audiences? Some of the inevitable sequels on offer are also littered with 80s heritage; most notably Wall Street 2, Predators, Tron Legacy and what seems like the 45th Highlander movie! Okay, I’m being harsh but these films were made for a certain generation and really should have stayed there; some will probably end up being great but you just have to ask, why?? 2010 has little in the way of fresh offerings with other sequels including Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Shrek 4, Narnia and yet another brain-damaging Twilight outing. 2010 is in real danger of marking itself out as the bottle bin year for cinema in the new decade. However has some potentially great films that I am really looking forward to, some on the list above and otherwise. Here are my potentially good picks of 2010.


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