Dan Aykroyd: Smarter than the average bear?

It has recently been reported that Dan Aykroyd has signed up to be in Warner Brother’s upcoming Live Action/CGI take on Yogi Bear. With Justin Timberlake also reportedly sign on, speculation is rife that the pair with voice the loveable double act of Yogi and Booboo. Anna Faris (House Bunny, Scary Movie) is also on board as a documentary film maker.

So, is anyone excited by this news? Will Eric Brevig (Journey to the Center of the Earth) make this a winner or is it destined to fail? With remakes so unpredictable thetwenty takes a look a 5 essential Aykroyd moments (in no particular order) to try and decide if this could be another hit for Brother Elwood…

1. Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

Jake and Elwood stop at nothing to get the Blues Brothers rhythm and blues review band back together in order to save the orphanage they grew up in as boys. Cue hilarity, classic music and show stopping cameos in this music feast for the soul.

Yogi Factor: Elwood’s ability to get out of any situation unscathed could well come in handy as Jellystone Parks main thief…

2. Ghostbuster 1/2


Ghostbusters is a cultural phenomenon. Probably the funniest film involving ghosts ever, and arguably one of the finniest films ever. With a knock out cast including Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray, this and the slightly less appreciated Ghostbusters 2 are rightly Aykroyd classics.

Yogi Factor: Ray’s sense of adventure is a must for any bear looking to outwit a human adversary.

3. Dragnet


This 1987 under appreciated buddy cop comedy was a re-imagining of the TV show, proving that this current trend is not a new one in the world of Hollywood. Co-staring Tom Hanks during his glorious 80’s period where he was churning out comedy for fun (he went on to make Big, The ‘burbs and Turner & Hooch before the decade was done) Dragnet is a fun, sometimes hilarious watch fit for any pop corn DVD night.

Yogi Factor: Joe Friday might be a little straight laced for Yogi, but his honour & duty will make him a born leader and friend to little Booboo.

4. Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Point Blank

1997’s Grosse Pointe Blank finds us sympathising with troubled hit man Martin Blank (the always excellent John Cusack) as he returns to his home town for his high school reunion to meet the girl he left standing alone on prom night 10 years before. Aykroyd has a supporting role as a slightly kooky rival hit man looking to set up an assassins union. With a decent body count (at least 12), some sharp writing and genuinely funny satire, this is often missed gem from the 90’s.

Yogi Factor: Snappy, slightly mad and a killer instinct would serve any wild bear well.

5. Trading Places

Trading Places

Another of Aykroyd’s 80’s successes, Trading Places finds him as an extremely wealthy stock broker who becomes the victim of a cruel bet made by his old evil bosses. They decide to swap his life with that of Eddie Murphy’s poor beggar to see if the poor can rise to greatness, while equally the formerly rich submit to crime, therefore settling the  age old argument of nature vs nurture. Once the unwitting puppets find out what’s going on they hatch a plan together, joining forces to put down the money grabbing bosses who would so easily play with their lives.

Yogi Factor: Adaptable, well groomed and well spoken, if this template is anything to go by, he may take a knock, but will always turn out ‘smarter than the average bear’ ;)

Have your say! What’s your favourite Aykroyd character or movie? Have we missed something out? Leave your comments and you could win a prize!


One response to “Dan Aykroyd: Smarter than the average bear?”

  1. Midge says :

    Ghostbusters was the definitive Dan Aykroyd film for me its just so iconic. Also I found this on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dananananaykroyd

    Justin Timberlake in a film thats just terrible!

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