G-Force: In Disney Digital 3D (PG)

I can say without a doubt, that this is the greatest movie about high tech FBI super spy guinea pigs ever made!

That said, I can’t name any other movies that fit that description. There are many examples of anthropomorphic shenanigans in Hollywood from Disney’s Robin Hood to Who Framed Roger Rabbit but I can honestly say none are quite like this fun fare from Jerry Bruckheimer’s studio. The film follows the four pint sized heroes as they battle against a corporate villain, the FBI and themselves to stop an evil range of coffee machines taking over the world! I kid thee not.

Both were concerned about the new iPod design.

Both were concerned about the new iPod design.

Our main protagonist is Darwin (Sam Rockwell) the leader and inspirational icon for the G-Force team. He leads the team of courageous mini-guini-spies on their dangerous mission into a world they don’t well know. We get various set pieces that range form the exciting (car-on-hamster ball chase, espionage action and big bot battle) to the amusing (homes, pet shop) and they each run the story along at a comfortable if never deft defying pace. The G-Force crew all fit your classic ‘team’ templates, the feisty foreign female, rag-tag ‘gangsta’ playboy and playful comedy geek and they would likely be left flat if it weren’t for some capable voice acting from the likes of Penelope Cruz, Jon Favreau and Nicholas Cage. A short turn from Steve Buscemi as pet shop hamster Bucky drew a warm smile from this reviewer as much as any of the on screen action or scmhaltz.

All in all it’s a fairly light-hearted affair with little indication the cast or crew took it too seriously. The plot is predictable and the ‘twist’ wont lose you any sleep but there is enough here to warrant a viewing that you’ll find enjoyable but forgettable. A definite for the kids or anyone with an automatic “aww” reflex when they see small fluffy animals do human things. Certainly while I watched it there were two girls I thought might explode in a candy floss hurricane of uncontrollable cutesy joy as the diminutive heroes went about their stuff. It all boils down to one huge chase and ‘bag guy’ battle that aren’t immediately stimulating but lent enough oomph by the 3D camera work to draw out a gasp, even if it’s only a pet sized one.


3 out of 5


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