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Moon (2009)

Moon (15)


I awaited this film with great anticipation after seeing many good write-ups and almost universal critical acclaim, but at the same time being very aware of recent films, that have characterised the summer season so far, which promised so much but gave so little (Exhibit A. Public Enemies). Moon appeared at first glance to be this summer’s salvation for moviegoers; ultimately I think that it has lived up to this expectation. Moon’s story is intriguing, deep and has some intellectual bite which definitely offers a refreshing change to a series of ho-hum and at times mindless films that have been dropped off the ever dusty Hollywood conveyer belt. Moon does not set out to do anything new or original and this type of SF psychological drama has been recycled many times over but still has enough in it to keep you gripped to the end credits. It is by no means the film of the year but is easily the best film out at the moment. Read More…


The Propsal (2009)

Marriage, the holy vow, a day of happiness and joy for many, not least the happy couple. That is of course unless you’re Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. In that case it’s a tricky road of lies, supposedly comedic mishaps and  and a dirty Grandma.

The Proposal is your standard rom-com in a Devil Wears Prada (2006) dress and There’s Something About Mary (1998) shoes. It follows the tale of Margaret, a super-bitch publisher who is threatened with deportation and so cooks up the spur of the moment plan to marry her soft touch assistant Andrew, played by the ever amiable Ryan Reynolds.

Bullock or Bollock?

Bullock or Bollock?

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