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The Faculty (1998)

While I will be keeping up with more in depth reviews of the newest things to grace the cinema, here at thetwenty we value what’s been and gone and so I’ll be doing a steady line of mini-reviews as I trawl through my DVD collection, films I see on tv, online, rent etc…So with that in mind, lets get our heads down and study, The Faculty.

With 1998’s The Faculty you have a teen sci-fi vehicle full of faces that you’ll be acquainted with but not necessarily be able to name. Most recognisably is Elijah Wood (LotR’s, Sin City) and (the forever in my mind creepy) Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, X-Files). Accompanying this is a full array of nearly men (and women), Jordana Brewster (Fast & Furious), Clea DuVall (Girl, Interrupted), Shawn Hatosy (Alpha Dog), Salma Hayek (Dogma), Famke Janssen (X-Men), Bebe Neuwirth (Fraiser) and Josh Hartnett (The Black Dahlia) who is more well known but so painfully bland I have trouble remembering him. Even Usher and Jon Stewart make cameo appearances. Normally I wouldn’t go to the length of typing out a full cast roster such as this, but the brutally modest nature of it all makes the perfect metaphor for this movie, forgetful.

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Howdy! Welcome to The Twenty. Doug and I are just getting warmed up here so stay tuned for new posts and reviews; money and work permitting! We’ll leave you with the first review of Synecdoche, New York to mull over while we get some more stuff lined up for you. Just like these chaps below we’ll be working hard to bring you some nice features that we hope you’ll like.

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Synecdoche, New York (2009)

Synedoche, New York

Synedoche, New York

Only twice in my life have I seen an audience so in awe, to the point of paralysis, after a film that they helplessly stare intoxicated at the end credits. The first instance of this was after Akira Kurosawa’s incredibly visceral Shakespearean epic Ran (1985) the second was Charlie Kaufman’s much anticipated Synecdoche, New York. Shortly after witnessing Kaufman’s latest offering a friend of mine proclaimed; “That film makes Ran look like the Hannah Montana movie!” Despite being a religiously dedicated Kurosawa disciple, I completely agree.

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